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Black Forest Legends


In the course of our research on the Black Forest area, we found some interesting legends, myths and lore. We've added some of the stories that we found here, so that we can share them with you.

Bühl, Baden
Water nymphs are suppose to live in the dark depths of the Mummel Lake at the foot of Hornisgrinde at Buhl, Baden.

The Legend of Fremersberg Mountain
A small cloister of Franciscans had a monastery on the southern slope of Fremersberg Mountain from 1426 until 1826. It was named Kloesterle. The monks were not only concerned with the spiritual health of the people, they also concerned themselves with their earthly peace. For instance, when ghosts raising a ruckus on the mountain, raised fear and anxiety among the villagers with their rumblings, the monks caught the troublemakers, put them in sacks, and carried them to poltergeist graves, where they remain banned once and for all. So the story goes.....

The Legend of Windeck Castle in Village of Kappelwindeck
Down in the valley, girls working with their spinning wheels told each other of wondrous things that were suppose to have happened in the castle above. They say that a hen dug a deep, wide trench as the Strassbourgers advanced. A dashing young hunter perished there because of his love for a beautiful young woman of the castle.
by Aloys Schreiber (1761-1841)

Varnhalt, Baden
There is a tradition in Varnhalt that has carried down from generation to generation for over 200 years. The last grape harvest of every growing season must be brought home by ox-cart., if not done, this last harvest will make the whole grape harvest into a sour, undrinkable wine.

Legends of Yberg Castle
Myths of this ancient castle tell of fair ladies who appear in the night; of unusual Bowling games on the first Monday of every month and of a mysterious vault, that no one could find, filled with delicious wines.

Tales of the Village of Yberg
Tales have long been told of a distinguished Baden gentleman who showered a shepherd with enough money to build himself a house.

Villagers, in former times, gossiped of the unusual things that happened to the unlucky Earl Edward Fortunatus, who by trying to create gold in his laboratory, killed the beautiful caretakers daughter, whom he loved above all...

Myth of the Village of Ittersbach
In 1232 Herman, Margrave of Baden, gave his villages of Utilspur (today called Ittersbach) and Wolmerspur to the convent St. Gallen. As a settlement Wolmerspur disappeared, but the cause is unknown whether war, plague or famine. According to myth, at midnight during Advent a headless horseman on a white steed rides in the cemetery over the terrain of the destroyed village of Wolmerspur.
Source: Heimatbuch de Gemeinde Ittersbach
Submitted by J. Hirsch

The Legend of Hex von Dasenstein
In the village of Kappelrodeck (Kreis Ortenau) there is an old legend surrounding the town's namesake family. High on a hill sits Rodeck Castle that was, for centuries, the seat of this aristocratic family. Centuries ago, legend has it, that a beautiful daughter of the family fell in love with a peasant boy. Her powerful father forbid her to marry the boy. The girl ran away to the other side of the valley and took up life as a hermit in a huge outcrop of rocks in the middle of the mountainside vineyards. The outcropping was known as Dasenstein. Over the years, the townsfolk came to believe that the girl was a powerful and good witch who watched over their blessed grape crops. The local wine cooperative goes by the name, Hex von Dasenstein (Witch of Dasenstein). Its wines are renown throughout Europe and in 1982, its spatburgunder (pinot noir) was named best wine in Europe and served to President Reagan during his ill fated visit to Bitburg.

The Mummelsee
The Mummelsee has a legend of a king who lives beneath the water and dragged down women to his kingdom under the water many years ago.

Legend of Loecherberg
There is a Celtic grave side and temples up in the forest at Loecherberg. You can feel the spirit of the Celtic peoples at night. You can see the ghosts gathering but only when there is total peace and quiet. A party of people who are loud etc. will not see it.

If you know of a legend from the Black Forest area, we'd love for you to share it with us.
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